Revealing Our Oral Traditions (R.O.O.T) in the Gambia Presented by Delou Africa, Inc.

The R.O.O.T. in the Gambia showcase will be a combination of a live performance and a video montage of Delou Africa’s trip to The Gambia that features the timeline of our interactive learning, teaching, and performing experiences with musicians, dancers, singers, storytellers, cultural ambassadors, and the overall community. Join us for an evening of artistic expression! Journey with Delou and discover the timeless traditions in The Gambia during our International Cultural Exchange project.

Romeo & Juliet Presented by Miami City Ballet

Romeo and Juliet CRANKO/PROKOFIEV The world’s most famous love story! Miami City Ballet brings to life the ultimate tale of romance and tragedy – Romeo and Juliet – in an opulent production set to Sergei Prokofiev’s throbbing music, considered to be one of the greatest of all ballet scores. John Cranko’s Romeo and Juliet is both spectacular and intimate. Here we see a boisterous crowd reveling in Verona’s town square; unrelenting enemies dueling to the death in the street; a mortal feud between the Montagues and the Capulets, two of the city’s great aristocratic families; a pair of “star-cross’d lovers” dancing in the moonlight. We watch, breathless as the swoon and joy of first love lead – inevitably, disastrously – to the fatal desperation of the two young people who are determined to remain together at all costs … Be swept away by the beauty, hope and youthful romance of this heart-breaking ballet.

National Dance Theatre Company of Jamaica - 60th Season of Dance Diamond Edition Presented by Louise Bennett-Coverley Heritage Council & Moss Center

NDTC FLORIDA PRESENTATION CELEBRATION 60 YEARS OF INDEPENDENCE AND DANCE HERITAGE In celebration of Jamaica’s 60th anniversary of Independence, The Louise Bennett-Coverley Heritage Council will present The National Dance Theatre Company of Jamaica (NDTC), The full NDTC experience offers an exciting and dynamic experience for the entire family. The NDTC has performed to critical acclaim in the international arena in regions such as the Caribbean, North, Central and South America and Europe. The wide-ranging repertoire reflects the creative imagination and cultural experiences of Jamaica and the Caribbean through the lens of choreographers hailing from Jamaica, Cuba, Haiti, Barbados and the United States. Their appearance promotes cultural understanding, appreciation of diversity and affirm cultural identity through a comprehensive showcasing of artistic excellence that is inherent in the people of the Caribbean.

The Fourth Annual Forward Motion Dance Festival of Physically Integrated Dance Presented by Karen Peterson and Dancers Inc

KAREN PETERSON AND DANCERS RETURNS TO MIAMI WITH THE 4th ANNUAL FORWARD MOTION PHYSICALLY INTEGRATED DANCE FESTIVAL & CONFERENCE ON OCTOBER 27-29 Fourth Annual Event Features Florida Premieres Including Georgia’s Full Radius Dance and a new work by Guggenheim Fellow Victoria Marks for Karen Peterson and Dancers MIAMI (September 8, 2022) -- After a successful national tour, the acclaimed Miami-based dance pioneers, Karen Peterson and Dancers (KPD) welcome back their fourth annual Forward Motion Physically Integrated Dance Festival & Conference (FM4) taking place in Miami from October 27-29, 2022. This three-day event features Full Radius Dance, esteemed choreographer Victoria Marks and KPD themselves in a full program including performance premieres, panel discussions and educational workshops.

PROGRAM 1: CLASSICAL AND NEOCLASSICAL BALLETS Presented by Arts Ballet Theatre of Florida, Inc

PROGRAM 1 CLASSICAL AND NEOCLASSICAL BALLETS ​Arts Ballet Theatre of Florida will officially open its 25th Anniversary season this coming October presenting a mixed bill of neo classical and classical repertoire, including Issaev’s Shostakovich Suites, and El Encuentro to Albinoni's Adagio. The program will also include Nebrada’s popular Pentimento with music by J. S. Bach and the classical Asaf Messerer’s Spring Waters. This piece is choreographed to one of Rachmaninoff’s most popular compositions that has been widely performed since he wrote it more than a hundred years ago and requires great virtuosity and strength from the professional dancers of the company.

Belly Dance Stories

Belly Dance Stories is a women's empowerment theater production directed by Alexandra Molina and Valerick Molinary. The purpose is to highlight and project the voices of their students, who are women from all walks of life, as well as the Oriental Dance community, through creative performances. Each dancer has harnessed the power of Oriental Dance, aka "Belly Dance," in unique ways as a tool to navigate through moments in their lives whether it be for personal healing, to mark important events, strength to get through daily obstacles, every-day physical well being or the pure and simple joy of dance, music and movement.

Future Stars of Ballet Presented by Arts Ballet Theatre of Florida

The professional division students have been working hard throughout the month of July, learning from the best teachers in the Vaganova Method and other disciplines. We invite you to come and watch the Summer Intensive Showcase. It includes performances of different styles of dance such as Character, Flamenco,Contemporary and excerpt from the ballet Le Conservatoire, Paquita, Le Corsaire, Harlequinade and more