Defending the Cavewoman Presented by Actors' Playhouse

Defending the Cavewoman Presented by Actors' Playhouse

Whose cave is it anyway? A raucous mid-life existential crisis unfolds as Defending the Cavewoman digs deep into the caves of the female psyche and sends the male of the species scattering in all directions, by debunking the stereotypical myths about how women think. Written by Emma Peirson, Defending the Cavewoman is a tongue-in-cheek, affectionate look at the quirks, foibles and idiosyncrasies of both men and women, from the modern Female perspective. Don’t miss the North American premiere of this wild one-woman comedy about two completely different creatures desperately trying to co-exist on one tiny plant…sharing one bathroom!
Age Appropriateness: Recommended for ages 17 and up.
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