“Balance & Imbalance” and “Judo” by Bereishit Dance Company Presented by MDCA

“Balance & Imbalance” and “Judo” by Bereishit Dance Company Presented by MDCA

Founded in 2011 by choreographer Soon-ho Park, Bereishit is a Seoul-based dance company that takes a contemporary approach to Korean traditional culture, focusing on fundamental values, as opposed to simply borrowing or transforming them. Park's work explores the issues of identity and transformation and delves into multimedia, street dance, community dance work and real time interactive demonstration. With heightened sensitivity towards space and rhythms, the company's captivating performances are delivered with kinesthetic clarity and power.
Age Appropriateness: 8+

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Teens and young adults ages 13-22 can buy tickets for $5 using the Get Tickets button below. With the purchase of one $5 ticket for someone within the age range, a second $5 ticket can be purchased for an individual of any age to join them.

Regular priced tickets for all other ages available at https://www.miamidadecountyauditorium.org/events/photo/