Turkuaz Presented by The Rhythm Foundation

Turkuaz Presented by The Rhythm Foundation

Turkuaz at the North Beach Bandshell is presented by Live For Live Music in partnership with GMP Live and the Rhythm Foundation.

Energetic splashes of funk, alternative, rock, R&B, and psychedelia color the music of Turkuaz. Balancing male-female harmonies, strutting guitars, wild horn arrangements, and interminable grooves, this spirit takes shape in the color donned by each respective member on stage nightly via larger-than-life performances.

The Brooklyn-based nonet —Dave Brandwein [guitar, vocals], Taylor Shell [bass], Craig Brodhead [guitar, keys], Michelangelo Carubba [drums], Chris Brouwers [trumpet, keys], Greg Sanderson [tenor sax], Josh Schwartz [baritone sax, vocals], Sammi Garett [vocals], and Shira Elias [vocals]—ignite an explosion of energy punctuated by neon hues, deft musicality, and show-stopping sing-alongs on their fifth full-length album, Life In The City.

The album, which includes co-production work from Jerry Harrison of The Talking Heads, sees the band stretch their sonic palette and cover new ground lyrically as they grapple with reality and get personal, finding the light in what can sometimes be a dark world. Yet even in the midst of serious subject matter creeping in on this album, the musicianship of all nine band members and the group’s upbeat, fun-loving sensibility still shines through to give Turkuaz fans the joyous sound they’ve come to know over the last several years.