Tout-Monde Festival: Biosphere Breakdance Workshop

Tout-Monde Festival: Biosphere Breakdance Workshop

Biosphere is a three-act saga named: “The Alpha”, “Sapiens”, and “The Omega”. By mixing hip-hop, breakdance and contemporary dance, Biosphere retraces the evolution of the human being and the creation of Earth. In differenciated tempos, the dancers offer an interpretation of animals’ shapes and movements, insects, humans, and fantastic creatures.

This workshop will enable students to learn about the scenography of such a dance project, from the dance itself to the clothes, the soundtracks and the lights. Participants will learn about the evolution of Human beings, in the context of the “Echo-Natures” edition of the Tout-Monde Festival. The teenagers will be invited to learn some dance and break-dance movements, through a dedicated class taught by the dancers. The official show will be performed by the artists on the same day at 8pm.

 A workshop animated by:


José Bertogal, choreographer
Jonathan Colombo
Michael Larifla
Kenyah Stanislas
Mickaël Top

Age Appropriateness 6 to 14

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