Share Your Mariel Story - HistoryMiami Museum

Share Your Mariel Story - HistoryMiami Museum

Share Your Mariel Story   -  A Collaboration between HistoryMiami Museum and the Cuban Heritage Collection

El efecto Mariel: Before, During, and After, is a year-long, multi-prong program comprising a series of webinars,as well as live film streamings, informal talks, oral histories, and exhibition projects organized by the Cuban Heritage Collection at the University of Miami Libraries. The program takes an interdisciplinary approach to studying anew the antecedents, unfolding, and aftermath of the Mariel boatlift of 1980. By bringing together multiple perspectives on this historic event, the series aims to frame Mariel, not in the past, but in the present, underscoring its enduring relevance and legacies.

The expansive nature of the program is aimed at providing a discursive and interactive space from which to study the many aspects of Mariel in an in-depth and critical manner. Partnering with HistoryMiami Museum through Miami Stories allows our institutions to work together for our community to lend their voices to this ongoing conversation. Miami Stories allows for anyone to submit their personal experience of El Efecto Mariel and to help create a growing archive that will be available to all online.

What are Mariel Stories?
Members of the community are encouraged to share their personal  memories, stories, and reflections related to Mariel. Stories will be collected virtually on a rolling basis and a series of prompts give participants ideas from where they can begin their story. Submitted stories will become part of the permanent collections of the HistoryMiami Museum and Cuban Heritage Collection and featured on both online platforms

How has Mariel impacted you?
Do you have a personal story related to Mariel?
What are some of the misconceptions about Mariel that you have noticed?
What are some of the lasting legacies of Mariel?
How has Miami or the area where you live been impacted by Mariel?

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