Peeks into the Infinite II

Peeks into the Infinite II

Peeks into the Infinite II is the second of the two programs celebrating the 250th birth year of Ludwig van Beethoven by exploring the genre of the Bagatelle, from Beethoven until the modern day.

A Bagatelle, by definition, is something trivial and minute. In Beethoven’s hands, it transcended these connotations, becoming a medium to express ideas ranging from profoundly philosophical to humorous and aphoristic. The title of the program refers to bagatelles as snapshots of infinitely-varied psychological states. Composers have continued to explore these musical forms in every generation following Beethoven.

In this program, pianists Lindsay Garritson, Redi Llupa, Maria Sumareva, and Andrew Rosenblum will perform piano bagatelles by Ludwig van Beethoven, Franz Liszt, Carl Vine, Elisabeth Lutyens, and Jane O’Leary - one of the winners of Kaleidoscope MusArt’s Call for Scores 2020.

The concert presentation will include introductory talks by the performers and composer Jane O’Leary. Digital artworks by Sebastian Spreng will be displayed during Redi Llupa’s performance of Lutyens’ Five Bagatelles.

The registration for the event is free. Donations of any amount are welcome and greatly appreciated. Your support helps us keep our programs going!