The Not So Little Prince Presented by Opera Atelier

The Not So Little Prince Presented by Opera Atelier

Have you ever wondered what happened to the Little Prince?

You will learn all about it in The not so Little Prince, the premiere production of the NEW one-act opera based on the story of The Little Prince. In this updated version, the young Prince visits familiar and new worlds. A full production performed by children and youngsters from The Opera Atelier MOZ-Art Program. Libretto by Daniel Daroca and music by Waldo Díaz, takes us a journey through space and time.

“A quirky story has long been circulated about The Little Prince. Thinking that it was a true story, people took the trouble of translating it. The book came to be published in many languages and became so popular that the copies would fly off the shelves. Well intentioned people would acquire the book and treasure it. They would have a good cry while reading it and then share it with their children, some of whom cried even more. So, little by little, the legend of The Little Prince spread to all corners of the Earth, accompanied by sighs and tears. Armed with a silly picture and a few provisions, throngs of enthusiasts of the story crisscrossed the Sahara in search of that mysterious place where the Prince had supposedly returned to his home planet, hoping to catch a glimpse of the youth- should he ever decide to come back to the same spot. Of course, many perished in this useless trek, and most of the few survivors never read another book.

But rather than correcting the famous account, here is the true story of one of The Little Prince’s journeys, as told by the Prince himself. It is the tale of one of those run of the mill days when he goes planet hopping for the afternoon and is back home in time for an early dinner and a stroll.”

And, look around! Who knows if the globetrotting Prince himself is not here tonight, catching the performance of his very own opera?”