North Beach Social - Gaiya Presented by Rhythm Foundation

North Beach Social - Gaiya Presented by Rhythm Foundation

The North Beach Social is a free monthly concert, community gathering, and variety show produced by The Rhythm Foundation. It has quickly become a beloved platform showcasing top South Florida artists alike to both a local and a worldwide audience.

Gaiya is the last seed, through her endless roots and infinite channel we hear her soulful sounds, taking us on a trip to blur all the lines that would separate worlds like Eyrkah Badu and Celia Cruz. We are guided to walk through the bridge back to home state. Where all we have is the present moment.

Her electrifying live sets have created a forcefield around the young Miami-based singer. Emerging like a meteor this year from the Tigre Studios den and the collaborative Music Garden Latin-infused jam scene, her voice blurs lines and invites comparisons to icons like Erykah Badu, Celia Cruz, Amy Winehouse and other greats. Sometimes the hype is real!

Age Appropriateness All Ages