Miquel Salom: ICTUM OLIM VI exhibition evening

Miquel Salom: ICTUM OLIM VI exhibition evening

The Deering Estate presents ICTUM OLIM VI an exhibition of alumitypes (tintypes on aluminum foil) by artist Miquel Salom on display daily from February 12 - April 10, 2021. The exhibition evening will be held on Friday, February 26, 7 p.m. to 9 p.m., in the historic Stone House Great Hall gallery at Deering Estate.

Free with RSVP at Eventbrite.com.

The title ICTUM OLIM VI translates to 'the impact of the old' and references the artist's use of the wet plate collodion process, a photographic technique invented in England in 1851 and serves a point of historical inspiration for Salom. In 2018, he was selected to participate in the Artist in Residence program at the Deering Estate. During his tenure he spent much of his time exploring the natural vistas and architectural structures of the Deering Estate through his lens. This exhibition is the culmination of an exhaustive research into the natural environments and rich architectural history of the site. His work transforms the natural environment and unique architecture of the historic houses of the Deering Estate into poetic studies of light and shadow.

The exhibition is comprised of a series of 22 8x10 inch plates done in the artist's signature wet plate collodian technique. Also included is a short video of Salom's project at Deering, his 1925 Deardorff camera, as well as and an illustrated catalog with essays by the artist and Martha Betancourt, Deering Estate Registrar and Collections Manager.

More info available at http://www.deeringestate.org

About the Artist:
Miquel Salom was born in the beautiful Mediterranean island of Mallorca in 1951. At the age of 14, his father gave him a Kodak Brownie Fiesta camera and changed his life, igniting his lifelong artistic dedication to photography. Salom was largely self-taught and continues to publish, teach and lecture on photography. His work connects his personal observations with romantic narratives he has uncovered through his years of travel and exploration. He identifies as a visual storyteller through his mastery of the wet-plate collodion technique, which he first became acquainted with through the work of Sally Mann. Salom has developed a signature 23-step process that allows him to create unique ambrotypes and tintypes of various subjects including the south Florida and Mallorcan landscapes, cityscapes and coastlines.

Salom's work has been exhibited internationally in Florida, New York, Washington DC, New Mexico and Spain. Recent solo exhibitions include ICTUM OLIM V at the Coral Gables Museum and ICTUM OLIM I-V at the University of Miami Art Gallery in Wynwood. Additionally he provided master classes at the Miami Institute of Photography and was a Visiting Artist of the Art & Art History Department at the University of Miami in 2018.

Salom is currently using his work towards spiritual discovery and philanthropy, in an effort to better humanity. He contributes artwork and partners with global and local foundations, which help establish philanthropy projects to assist those in need, particularly in the areas of digital connectivity, education and health. He created a program called Lumen Lucernae to bring clean and free energy to 2,000 people living in different villages across Guatemala. The non-profit organization Amigos de la Aldea will install photovoltaic solar energy plates in these villages.

Video(s) of Artist https://msalom.com/