Little Haiti Book Festival 2022

Little Haiti Book Festival 2022

Miami Book Fair and Sosyete KuoKuoy, Inc. presents Little Haiti Book Festival featuring authors from Haiti and the Haitian diaspora, a Haitian documentary, workshops for writers, storytelling and hands-on activities for children, dance and music performances, a community meet and greet with some of Little Haiti’s award-winning VIP guests and community leaders, and more. Our panel topics include Haitian Vodou and Haitian music, with a special presentation celebrating the 100th birthday of two Haitian literary masters: Jacques Stephen Alexis and Émile Célestin Mégie.


In Person: Sunday, May 1st @ at the Little Haiti Cultural Complex, 212 NE 59 Terrace, Miami, and at Libreri Mapou, 5919 NE 2nd Ave, Miami, FL
Online: Sunday, May 8th and Sunday, May 15th

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