I’m Made In Mexico part of OUT IN THE TROPICS 2019 Presented by FUNDarte

I’m Made In Mexico part of OUT IN THE TROPICS 2019 Presented by FUNDarte

With outrageous wearable art, fierce Mexico-City performance art diva Astrid Hadad mixes feminism and fabulosity in extravagant events featuring a live band. Hadad confronts politics, Mexican hypocrisy, machismo, and corruption in cabaret-style productions that prompted The New York Times to describe her as “one of the most provocative stage acts since the Weimar Republic was in bloom.”


Hadad is also a social critic, historian, and activist, whose unconventional vocal and visual performance style is filled with music dubbed “Heavy Nopal” (after the cactus juice for Tequila), combining ranchera, bolero, rumba and rock, and featuring extravagant costumes, which have become a hallmark of her performances. This Mexican cultural icon has inherited a uniquely Mexican female surrealism and created her own that pulses with campy humor and irony.

Age Appropriateness +18

Far from a didactic recitation of resistance, Hadad’s work is a joyous outpouring of celebratory outrage. She praises the courage of those who fought against oppression and injustice, while also embracing the humor and irony of the human condition. The plight of poor women is cast as a heroic and courageous martyrdom in the face of intolerable oppression, but always painted with a wry smile and even joy.

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