How Dare You! Presented by PAXy

How Dare You! Presented by PAXy

The premier presentation of Carlos Patino’s How Dare You! a large-scale musical work that addresses the network of problems propagated by climate change. Presented in two sections, the first represents issues with climate change in 3 separate movements. The second section represents possible solutions in one movement. Each movement’s distinct style, instrumentation, and composition help transmit the concepts explored in their respective sections.

The composer formed unique ensembles for each movement and drew inspiration from nature, politics, environmental issues, and sustainability processes. Varied instrumentation in each ensemble is unified by recurring yet modulatory instrumentation, electronic sounds, and various motifs throughout the whole piece.

The 24-musician orchestra will be conducted by Grammy and Latin Grammy awardee Carlitos López. The event is taking place outdoors to reinforce the concepts explored throughout the work.

Bring your blanket and join us to enjoy the chamber orchestra! Please open the program on your phone before arrival, the signal at the park is not reliable. There will be no printed material at the event.

We recommend you bike or share a ride to the event.


Age Appropriateness: All ages


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RSVP is required for free admission. View link below for additional information.