The Heritage Project: The Business of Show

The Heritage Project: The Business of Show

The Heritage Project artistic salon series continues with The Business of Show. This salon will explore the economic impact and cultural significance of Black trailblazers in the performing arts. We will look at artists as business professionals and discuss how Black culture has become a commodity. The panel will consist of arts administrators, performers and others.

This discussion will capture the spirit of a Harlem Renaissance salon, where Black leaders, intellectuals, activists, artists, educators and business owners would come together to discuss matters impacting the Black community.

Closed captioning will be provided.


Mo Beasley, award-winning performance poet, published author, activist, arts educator and stage manager

Vanessa James, voiceover actor, multimedia creative, founder and CEO of Vanessa James Media, LLC

Alicia Hall Moran, multi-dimensional performing artist and composer

Marie Vickles, arts educator, cultural practitioner and director of education at PAMM

Moderated by
Carlton Ford, artist, author and nonprofit leader