Cruise Control Presented by Aureus

Cruise Control Presented by Aureus

Join Aureus this summer as they travel on a much-needed vacation. As always, the cast of quirky and relatable characters sing and dance their way through the story.

Experience their struggle between making the best out of their trip and keeping everything under the crew’s control. Which way will they steer? Come see the show to find out!

This is a family-oriented show with two nights priced especially for families to enjoy. We strongly recommend advance purchase of tickets as seats are limited and we DO sell out. All work at Talents Unleashed is purposefully family-friendly and wholesome.

This original musical story is designed to be entertaining family fun. Our intimate black box theater space is limited and there is no space to retreat with small children, so we recommend an evening out without children under 6 who cannot sit through a two-hour show. There are several short "intermission" breaks.