Collage and Connect Presented by collaboARTive

Collage and Connect Presented by collaboARTive

Join in person or from your "virtual studio" for an hour of creative play.
Collage and Connect is an hour to connect to your own creativity. This event offers time to sit quietly, work new parts of your brain, and see things in a different way with people from across the globe.

We share ideas on how to start making something, tips on artists to look at for inspiration, other online workshops we've enjoyed… or we just work quietly, enjoying the sounds of tearing paper and quiet contemplation. Together we share an hour of collage making. Sit with friends, or make some new ones.

Get your materials together and let's get ready to share a creative hour together!


What things can you use?

- Magazines

- Colored paper

- Paint or ink

- Food coloring

- Od greeting cards

- Newspaper

- Fabric

- Ribbons

- Any kind of materials that catch your interest!