Black Police Precinct and Courthouse Museum

Black Police Precinct and Courthouse Museum

The only museum of its kind in the nation, the mission of the Black Police Precinct and Courthouse Museum is to collect, preserve, and exhibit the history of Miami’s Black law enforcement.


The Black Police Precinct and Courthouse Museum acquires, preserves, displays, and promotes collections of a historical nature that will be of educational value to the preservation of Black history as it relates to the struggles and accomplishments of Black Police Officers in Overtown, as they served during the pre-Civil Rights era of the 1940’s, 50’s, and 60’s. The museum displays police memorabilia, artifacts, documents, video, and word-of-mouth stories by the men and women who worked there.


Walk-ins are allowed, but please contact the museum to notify them of your visit beforhand to ensure tour availability. To do so call 305-329-2513.


Operating Hours
Tuesday - Saturday | 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Sunday | Closed
Monday | Closed


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Free parking onsite


Age Appropriateness: All ages welcome


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Teens and young adults ages 13-22 can buy tickets for $5 using the Get Tickets button below. With the purchase of one $5 ticket for someone within the age range, a second $5 ticket can be purchased for an individual of any age to join them. Regular priced tickets for all other ages available through the venue's website.