Aniello - Desiderio Presented by Florida Guitar Foundation, INC

Aniello - Desiderio Presented by Florida Guitar Foundation, INC

“…the kind of musician that seems to have disappeared long ago, Aniello Desiderio sweeps away the audience with enthusiasm—as the great virtuosi, Paganini, Regondi or Giuliani of the 19th century did—racing through breath-taking changes of register, acrobatic arpeggios and scales of extraordinary brilliance and elegance like a Ferrari.”

– Stuttgarter Zeitung

“Actually he knocked me out.”

– Chick Corea

“Now I know the real sound of guitar.”

– Lorin Maazel

In 1992, Aniello Desiderio graduated with honors from the Conservatory of Music in Alessandria.
He performed in public for the first time when he was 8 years old, displaying such outstanding gifts that music critics started to speak of him as an “infant prodigy”, “wunderkind”, “a genius”, “the Orpheus of the guitar”, “a guitarist of the century”, and “il Fenomeno.”

He won 18 first International Awards in both national and international competitions, including:
1st Prize and Special Prize for the best interpretation of South American music at the International Guitar Competition in Habana, Cuba (1988)
“Neapolitan of the Year” Award for Mr. Desiderio, Italy (1988)
1st Prize and Special Prize of the best interpretation of Tarrega’s music at the International Francisco Tarrega Competition, Benicassim, Spain (1992)
1st Prize at the International “Guerrero” Competition, Madrid, Spain (1995)
He performed as a recitalist and soloist with orchestras in North and South Americas, Europe, Asia, and Africa; regularly in the most important Theaters of the world including Carnegie Hall, Munich Philharmonie, Alte Opera, Tonhalle, Teatro delle Palme, Radio France, Die Gloke, Istanbul Philharmonie, Berlin Philharmonie, and Opera House Wien.