Roberto Cacciapaglia at Italian Hit Week Presented by The Rhythm Foundation


Roberto Cacciapaglia at Italian Hit Week Presented by The Rhythm Foundation

Doors Open: 7pm, Show Time: 8pm– Free with RSVP

“An influential member of the Italian avant-garde, Roberto Cacciapaglia has spent the last four decades blurring the lines between classical and electronic music, developing a sound that has never been restricted by genre” – Forced Exposure

The annual Italian music HIT week event returns to the bandshell showcasing the stunning composer Roberto Cacciapalgia, an artist who has been at the forefront of the Italian avant-garde for decades as he performs in Miami the night before his Carnegie Hall concert in New York.

An Italian musician who specialized in electronic composition he started his career in the early 1970s on the edges of the krautrock scene and went on to release several albums that continue to be considered seminal records in modern Italian music such as Sei Note in Logica and The Ann Steel Album. As a composer and pianist, his contemporary body of work is some of Italy’s most innovative music, his compositions blending electronic experimental music with the classical tradition. 

Roberto Cacciapaglia was born in Milan. He graduated in composition from the Giuseppe Verdi Conservatory, where he also studied conducting and electronic music. For decades he has been researching the powers of sound, leading towards a music beyond frontiers expressed through deep emotional contact.

This concert is part of the annual Italian Hit Week series.