Oktoberfest featuring Germany's Vocaldente Presented by Seminole Theatre


Oktoberfest featuring Germany's Vocaldente Presented by Seminole Theatre

Join us for our very first Oktoberfest celebration at the Historic Seminole Theatre.  The event is highlighted by German vocal supergroup Vocaldente, going on stage at 8:00pm.


Vocaldente is a German, a capella quintet that excites their audiences with purely vocal experiences unaided, unamplified and unadulterated.Their music spans nearly every decade from the Charleston of the Golden Twenties to German Schlager to 50’s Rock' n' Roll to 70’s disco to the present day.At times furiously fast-paced, sentimentally romantic, abysmally comical, or profoundly demanding, their performances combine perfect technical skill with original arrangements, moderations, and choreographies.


The quintet is the winner of many national and international vocal and A Cappella awards, including the International Contemporary A Cappella Competition in Taipei and the Harmony Sweepstakes A Cappella Festival in San Francisco.


Their current program is called "Life is a highway,” based on the title of a Tom Cochrane song, which is currently featured in the concert program.The title also describes the path of a career and the turbulent life of those, who, like musicians, spend much of their lives in airplanes, trains, cars, and tour buses.


Vocaldente is composed of Tobias Kiel and Jakob Buch (Tenor), Benjamin Boresch (Countertenor), Alexander Nolte (Baritone) and Tobias Pasternack (bass)