Program Two: Robbins’ Centennial Celebration Presented by Miami City Ballet


Program Two: Robbins’ Centennial Celebration Presented by Miami City Ballet

Circus Polka

To celebrate the great composer at New York City Ballet’s famous Stravinsky Festival in 1972, Jerome Robbins concocted this enchanting pièce d’occasion for dozens of little girls in
pink, green and blue who end up spelling out the appropriate initials: I.S. Back then Robbins himself was the ringmaster urging the children on and on. Guess whose initials we’ll be
spelling out to celebrate his own centenary?

In the Night

Three stages of love -- flirtation, passion and intimacy -- are experienced through three glamorous pas de deux, all danced against a star-studded night sky and to Chopin’s ravishing piano music.

The Cage

A fierce community of creatures -- animal? insectoid? human? -- practices a ritual of murder during sex: the murder of a male by a female novice, driven by the community’s relentless
Queen. Savage, ferocious, The Cage is like no other ballet, yet Robbins himself drew the connection to the second act of Giselle. The first hit Robbins created for NYCB, more than
65 years ago, The Cage remains a total shocker.

Other Dances

Even after Dances at a Gathering, In the Night, and The Concert, Robbins couldn’t get Chopin’s piano music off his mind. In 1976 he created this extended duet for the reigning stars of classical ballet, Mikhail Baryshnikov and Natalia Makarova. Lyrical, charming and demanding, for four decades now it has been applauded around the world.

West Side Story Suite

In the brilliantly theatrical West Side Story Suite, MCB’s own Sharks and Jets rumble, fall in love, dance and sing in Robbins’ ballet based on one of the greatest, and
best loved, of all Broadway musicals.

Circus Polka (Robbins / Stravinsky) Company Premiere
The Cage (Robbins / Stravinsky) Company Premiere
Other Dances (Robbins / Chopin) Company Premiere
In the Night (Robbins / Chopin)
West Side Story Suite (Robbins / Bernstein)